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  • - ABOUT US -

    Paul is a Vietnamese-American entrepreneur who started MENTA AR out of a project for a close friend at Georgia Tech. That particular friend was soon desperately in need of a job and Paul jumped into action. He realized augmented reality technology is great but it is even better when it is helping someone get a job. Within days, the Menta App was rebranded and re-introduced to help job seekers/marketers as well as advertising agencies worldwide.


    Paul and his team are now stationed in the Atlanta Tech Village which is the 4th largest startup tech hub in the United States. There, he is surrounded by like minded technology driven entrepreneurs who share his passion for business and technology.


    Menta is now a mid-sized agency led by creative strategists who specialize in augmented reality paired with influencer marketing.


    We also provide an exciting way to access experiences, rewarding perks, sweepstakes, and more by using augmented reality. Our platform can help raise money for non-profit organizations or your GoFundMe page!


    We combine exceptional creative with the finest client service.


    As an agency founded by technology creative strategists, our creative product is our strong suit. We are accomplished in traditional creative – television, radio, print, newspaper and out-of-home – as well as website design, online advertising and social media.

    Brand Activation and Engagement

    Some believe creating a distinctive brand image is an almost mystical pursuit. No mystery. Branding is about truly understanding the brand’s unique qualities, then crafting a brand architecture that makes the brand different from your competitors and meaningful to your customers.


    Our digital capabilities include search marketing optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), online display advertising, social media marketing and high-level analytics, which enables us to constantly measure and continuously improve campaign performance.

    Media Strategy and Placement

    We provide full-service media strategies and have placement capabilities for traditional, interactive and social media. Our media professionals take a holistic view of every situation and skillfully integrate traditional and interactive strategies into a cohesive, effective campaign.

    Direct Marketing + Research

    We have experience creating highly targeted direct marketing and direct response programs, and integrating them into traditional and online advertising campaigns. On the research front, we have fielded countless quantitative and qualitative studies in many industries.

    Web and App Development

    Paul Ton has created dozens of websites for clients, ranging from simple sites designed to put a fresh face on a brand, to e-commerce sites that meet strict compliance regulations on a state-by-state basis. Our services include web design and digital strategy.

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  • Why Advertise with MENTA?

    Whether it is Menta's AR platform or the Snapchat Lens Studio, we can help!

    Engage your target customer

    Impact your customers immediately

    Your augmented reality app will activate your brand and bring your customers together faster than traditional methods.

    Create a Unique Experience

    Make Memories

    Utilize our AR technology to deliver an authentic experience for your audience.

    Go Viral


    Deliver an original message unique to your brand and watch the ripple effect happen.

    Sell More

    Attract More Customers

    Promote your business and acquire new customers in a revolutionary way. Streamline commerce through AR marketing to add your product directly to your customers' cart.



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